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My Personal Story

I wish to share with you a personal story that began in March 2011. This story lasted 18 months and changed my life…

To begin with, I had a successful career in international business field, a well-paid job, a beautiful beach apartment in Barcelona, working all over the world, partying, dancing, and taking in everything that life had presented to me. In short, I was living the Bachelor's life. However, it was during that time, I had lost someone who was dear to me, while my own flesh and blood was battling cancer. Since I was little, I witnessed the cruelty of life and found myself constantly asking:" what is life? what is its real sense? what kind of life I want?" I suddenly realized that the only way to find the answers is to pursue it myself, to find it through my core values, which are life, culture and humanitarian efforts.

So yes, I quit my job, sold my house and left this “old” life as I knew, and everything I had behind. I decided to take on a personal journey in the hope of pursuing happiness, a journey that will allow me to discover our beautiful planet. I decided to do so on a manpower driven vehicle - a bicycle. To tell you the truth, never have I ever felt so empowered, and so free. A bicycle, few luggages which was all I could carry, and the life in front of me. 

I started from Portugal, all the way through Europe, following the track of Marco Polo on the famous silk road, crossing Iran and Central Asia into China, then Laos and Vietnam. I was surrounded by hungry wolfs, got caught between cross fires of small armies at Afghan border. I crossed the highest mountains on earth, survived freezing cold at 6000m altitude, had several days of no food and water while suffering a heavy flew, and being alone in absolute solitude. I didn't know what would happen the next day, or if I had another day to come.

So every day I paddled on, taking in everything that I could see. Every breath was precious, every landscape was prettier than the last, and for the next 18 months, I lived each day as if it was the last and only day I had. Life behind me as I knew was gone. Life ahead of me was unknown. Life in front of me was all I had. I finally found peace with God and thanked him for every single moment of this new life I had. While Life constantly threatened me with its cruelty, it also showed me its other side, the gentle and sweet nature's beauty and the undeniably grand landscapes. Some of them were undiscovered by mankind, so pure and so powerful; some were decorated by human's touch as each place I visited, I was welcomed by warm hearted people and I was showered by culture's beauty.

Some of you might have asked:" why “the Bike Ambassador”? Well, I am a German in origin, and I love my country, although I know given our history, people around the world may have mixed feelings. I wished to share the beauty of today’s Germany by exchanging culture differences with each place I visited. As a Bike Ambassador in a globally conflictive time, I tried to make a positive contribution, bridging the language and culture barriers closer by sharing my experiences with everyone that I came in contact with. Equipped with a camera on my helmet, I was able to share my adventures with people around the world almost simultaneously. I also had my own private live TV show for my weekly interviews with people from different cultures and countries I visited. I wished to present the true picture, something different than the broadcast of news, and different than what we normally read in our medias.

As my journey went on, I was also collecting donations through my fans and friends in an effort to help disadvantaged children in Vietnam with my "Fund Riding" project. I believe that every one of us can make a difference and do a good deed. By the time that I got to Vietnam, I was able to raise 7000 U.S. dollars for the HCWF Organization (Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Foundation). Thanks to the generosity of each donor, the funds was able to provide health care support for 79 orphans for the next 5 years! When I personally handed over the donation box, and met those children, each of their smiley and innocent face is forever imprinted in my memory.

After 18 months of cycling, my dreamful journey was ended abruptly by a almost fatal accident in South China. I had to spend several weeks in a hospital and I was not allowed to cycle on for a year. Needless to say, I was devastated and sad. However, my journey had taught me that when one door closes, another opens. I began to discover China little by little, to learn its culture, its people and even its language.

Today I work as an independent consultant on various projects where my business skills are needed. I try to work on projects that can continue my vision, which is to pursue of my happiness through life, culture and humanitarian efforts. For example, after a fire destroyed 800 ha (2000 ac) of tropical forest in South China, I supported a reforestation project in Yunnan Province and helped to create a new environment for endangered orchids, plants and trees giving livelihoods to more than 800 local people.

Through this project, I met very interesting people and they were all contributing to make this planet a better place, i.e. I met famous Hollywood James Bond movie star Michelle Yeoh, a world renowned scientist, a Chinese born botanist, and many more interesting people.

Having my journey forcefully ended was hard, but adjusting back to civilization was even harder. However, I have realized that the pursue of happiness is a life long journey. No matter where I am or what I do, I will always follow this dream. Today, I still have a lot of challenges in front of me. Different than those I encountered through my journey, but I know I have found the strength to push forward. So if you are reading my story right now, wherever you are, I wish to tell you to find the courage to pursue your own happiness because it is worth everything to fight for...

Yours Joachim Kässmodel (Kim), “the Bike Ambassador”

Please watch this touching video of my visit to HCWF in Vietnam: Watch video (in China, click here) or see pictures!

You want to support the HCWF: Project Infos

See FAQ about my reasons, my motivation and my life philosophy: FAQ

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