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My name is Joachim Kässmodel (Kim), I was born in beautiful Heidelberg (Germany). After high-school and apprenticeship in Germany I started venturing out into the world. First during my studies in International Business in Germany and France and later for my MBA in Spain and Chile.

The last years before my cycling adventure I worked as Commercial Director for an international consulting company and traveled all around the world. It was during this time I decided that one day I wish to use my business knowledge for more meaningful projects.

Today I work in China as an independent consultant on various projects where my business skills are needed. I try to work on projects that can continue my vision, which is to pursue of my happiness through life, culture and humanitarian efforts.

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Not everybody gets equal opportunities, but you can get very far if you really want to (and are courageous enough to pursue it single-mindedly).

Example: The following video shows how I got a high qualified job in Barcelona – which is not easy for a foreigner as Barcelona is a high demanded city among expats. Most foreigners I met were searching for more than 6 months without having found a well paid job.

Being different and standing out sometimes helps - I was walking in the streets of Barcelona, showing everyone my interest in finding a High Qualified Job. Within three days I got attention in the press, radio and even national television. Many companies invited me for interviews, without having sent any single application.

See Video of TV Interview: link

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    How I found my first job in Barcelona

    Working in different cultures

    My time as Business Consultant

    Working with Minorities

    Bringing East to West (Europe Travel Tour)

    Social Impact Consulting

Moving by moving

Sport plays an important part in my life. Apart from karate, which I pursued up to a professional level, cycling has always been one of my favorite activities. Wherever I am I cycle a lot – using the bike as mode of transport (especially when I was a student) or just for fun.

But I also considered cycling as a good way of reaching out to people before this current trip which particularly became true when I co-organised the project „Cycling for Europe“. In 2004, coinciding with the EU Enlargement, I cycled together with 40 students from the old EU countries through most of the new member states for four weeks. We personally “welcomed” the new EU citizens and organized a number of informative and fun event along the way. Our small contribution to European integration was supported by the EU Commissioner for Enlargement at the time (Günther Verheugen) and achieved some sponsorship support and media attention.

    Karate has been my Teacher in Life

    Cycling for Europe 2004

    Cycling for Europe 2004