As I was mostly on my bicycle I could not get closely involved in the management of the project and the coordination of the fundraising. After much research and personal consultation at the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) the decision for the needed project management felt on terres des hommes Germany, which is a reputable charity organization and therefore honored with a Donation seal by the DZI.

Terres des homes coordinated the donations and sent the funds directly to the Ho Chi Minh City Child Foundation (HCWF) in Vietnam.

See Website terres des hommes Germany: link

How can I donate?

You still can support this project with your donations and transfer money in the conventional way:

For all donations it is very important to include the correct reference so make sure that the money gets allocated properly to the HCWF.

Please always use as a reference:BIKE AMBASSADOR

Bank Transaction made from Germany:

                        Account Name: terres des hommes Deutschland (Germany)

                        Donation Account Number 700 800 700

                        Reference: „Bike Ambassador“ (very important to include the Reference name “Bike Ambassador)

                        Volksbank Osnabrück eG

                        Sort Code 265 900 25

Account number for foreign bank transfer:

                        Account Name: terres des hommes Deutschland (Germany)

                        Reference: „Bike Ambassador“ (very important to include the Reference name “Bike Ambassador)

                        BIC: GENODEF1OSV

                        IBAN: DE20 2659 0025 0700 8007 00

To see more detailed terres des hommes bank information link here

Donation receipt: If you donate you can ask for a donation receipt. Please remember to put your full name on the remittance slip.

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